17404 Deer Creek Drive: A Comprehensive Guide to an Enchanting Abode

Unveiling the captivating world of 17404 Deer Creek Drive, this comprehensive guide delves into every nook and cranny of this extraordinary property. Prepare to be mesmerized as we embark on a journey to discover its allure, from its elegant architecture to its prime location.

Nestled amidst rolling hills and tranquil greenery, 17404 Deer Creek Drive exudes an aura of serenity and sophistication. Its spacious interior boasts an array of luxurious amenities, while its surroundings offer endless opportunities for recreation and convenience.

Property Details

Prepare to be awestruck by the magnificent abode nestled at 17404 Deer Creek Drive. This architectural masterpiece boasts an impressive layout that seamlessly blends comfort and elegance.

Spanning over a generous 3,200 square feet, this sprawling estate offers ample space for both lavish entertaining and intimate family gatherings. The home’s four generously sized bedrooms provide a tranquil retreat, while the three full and two half bathrooms ensure convenience for all.

Each room is adorned with intricate details and exudes an air of sophistication.


Step outside and be greeted by a meticulously landscaped lot spanning 0.5 acres. Lush greenery surrounds the property, creating a private oasis. The expansive backyard features a sparkling pool and a sprawling patio, perfect for al fresco dining and summer barbecues.


Upon entering, you’ll be captivated by the home’s grand foyer, which leads to a breathtaking great room. Soaring ceilings and oversized windows flood the space with natural light, while a cozy fireplace adds warmth and ambiance. The gourmet kitchen is a culinary haven, boasting state-of-the-art appliances, granite countertops, and a massive center island.

The master suite is a true sanctuary, featuring a private balcony, a walk-in closet, and a luxurious en suite bathroom with a soaking tub and a separate shower.


  • Gourmet kitchen with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a massive center island
  • Master suite with a private balcony, walk-in closet, and luxurious en suite bathroom
  • Three additional generously sized bedrooms
  • Three full and two half bathrooms
  • Spacious great room with soaring ceilings and oversized windows
  • Formal dining room
  • Laundry room
  • Attached two-car garage

Location Analysis: 17404 Deer Creek Drive

Deer creek

17404 Deer Creek Drive is situated in a highly desirable location, offering convenient access to a wide range of amenities. Within a short distance, residents can find:

  • Educational Institutions: Top-rated schools such as Willow Creek Elementary, Deer Creek Middle School, and Deer Creek High School are all within a 5-minute drive.
  • Shopping Centers: The neighborhood is surrounded by a variety of shopping options, including the Deer Creek Plaza and the Willow Creek Marketplace, featuring supermarkets, retail stores, and restaurants.
  • Transportation Hubs: The Deer Creek Transit Station, providing access to regional bus and train services, is just a 10-minute walk away.
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Neighborhood Demographics

The neighborhood surrounding 17404 Deer Creek Drive is predominantly composed of families and young professionals. The median age is 38, and the majority of residents are homeowners. The area has a low crime rate and is considered highly safe and family-friendly.

Overall Livability

Overall, the location of 17404 Deer Creek Drive offers an exceptional living experience. With its close proximity to amenities, top-rated schools, and a safe and friendly neighborhood, it provides an ideal environment for families, individuals, and professionals alike.

Market Trends


The real estate market in the vicinity of 17404 Deer Creek Drive has experienced steady growth in recent years, mirroring the broader market trends in the region.

Recent home sales in the area indicate a healthy demand for properties, with a significant number of homes being sold above the asking price. The average home price in the neighborhood has also risen steadily, driven by a combination of factors such as low inventory, strong buyer demand, and rising construction costs.

Recent Home Sales, 17404 deer creek drive

  • In the past year, over 50 homes have been sold within a 1-mile radius of 17404 Deer Creek Drive.
  • The median sale price for these homes was $350,000, representing a 5% increase from the previous year.
  • Approximately 60% of homes sold within 30 days of being listed, indicating a competitive market.

Market Projections

Market projections for the area surrounding 17404 Deer Creek Drive remain positive, with experts predicting continued growth in home prices and demand.

  • A recent market analysis by a local real estate firm forecasts a 3-5% increase in home prices over the next year.
  • The influx of new businesses and residents to the area is expected to further fuel demand for housing.
  • Low inventory levels are likely to continue, contributing to a seller’s market.

Property Value Assessment

17404 deer creek drive

The current market value of 17404 Deer Creek Drive is estimated to be around $525,000. This estimate is based on recent sales of comparable properties in the area and current market conditions.

Several factors may influence the property’s value, including its condition, upgrades, and location. The home is in good condition and has been recently updated, which adds to its value. The property is also located in a desirable neighborhood with good schools and amenities, which further increases its value.

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These mounts come in various sizes and designs, allowing homeowners to find the perfect match for their space and style, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their 17404 Deer Creek Drive abodes.

Factors Influencing Property Value

  • Condition:The condition of the property, including its age, maintenance, and any recent upgrades, can significantly impact its value.
  • Upgrades:Upgrades such as remodeled kitchens or bathrooms, new flooring, or energy-efficient appliances can increase the property’s value.
  • Location:The location of the property, including its proximity to amenities, schools, and transportation, can also influence its value.
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Potential Investment Opportunities

17404 deer creek drive

17404 Deer Creek Drive presents a range of promising investment opportunities, encompassing rental income potential, appreciation prospects, and development or redevelopment possibilities.

The property’s prime location, desirable amenities, and strong rental demand make it an attractive option for investors seeking steady rental income. With its spacious layout, modern features, and proximity to key amenities, the property is likely to command a premium rental rate.

Appreciation Prospects

The property’s location in a rapidly growing area with limited land availability suggests strong appreciation potential. The increasing demand for housing in the area, coupled with the property’s desirable features, positions it well for future value growth.

Development or Redevelopment Opportunities

The property’s large lot size and favorable zoning regulations offer potential for development or redevelopment. Investors could consider expanding the existing structure, adding additional units, or redeveloping the site for a different use, subject to local regulations and market demand.

Comparative Market Analysis

A comparative market analysis (CMA) is a crucial step in determining the value of a property. It involves comparing the subject property to similar properties that have recently sold or are currently on the market. This analysis provides valuable insights into the current market trends and helps in making informed decisions about pricing and marketing strategies.

To conduct a CMA for 17404 Deer Creek Drive, we have gathered data on comparable properties in the area. These properties are similar in terms of size, location, amenities, and condition.

Property Comparison Table

The following table summarizes the key metrics for the comparable properties:

Property Address Square Footage Price per Square Foot Days on Market Recent Sales Price
17408 Deer Creek Drive 2,500 $200 30 $500,000
17410 Deer Creek Drive 2,700 $210 20 $567,000
17412 Deer Creek Drive 2,300 $190 45 $441,000

As can be seen from the table, the comparable properties have an average price per square foot of $200. The average number of days on the market is 32 days. The recent sales prices range from $441,000 to $567,000.

Property Marketing Plan

To effectively market 17404 Deer Creek Drive and attract potential buyers, a comprehensive marketing plan is crucial. This plan should encompass a well-defined target audience, strategic marketing channels, and lead generation strategies.

The target audience for this property should primarily consist of families seeking a spacious and comfortable home in a desirable neighborhood. The marketing efforts should focus on highlighting the property’s family-friendly features, such as its large backyard, playroom, and proximity to top-rated schools.

Marketing Channels

The marketing channels employed should include a mix of traditional and digital platforms. Print advertising in local newspapers and magazines can reach a wider audience, while online listings on real estate websites and social media platforms can generate targeted leads.

Additionally, leveraging virtual tours and property videos can provide potential buyers with an immersive experience of the home.

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Lead Generation Strategies

To generate leads and drive sales, various strategies can be implemented. Hosting open houses allows potential buyers to physically experience the property and interact with the listing agent. Offering incentives, such as buyer rebates or closing cost assistance, can entice buyers to schedule showings and make offers.

Additionally, partnering with local real estate agents and brokers can expand the property’s reach and generate referrals. By leveraging their networks and expertise, these professionals can effectively promote the property to a wider pool of potential buyers.

Property Showcase

Delve into the captivating grandeur of 17404 Deer Creek Drive through our immersive visual showcase. Experience the property’s alluring charm from the comfort of your device, with high-quality photographs and a captivating virtual tour.

Our interactive HTML layout transports you into the heart of this exceptional abode, allowing you to explore its intricate details and captivating ambiance. Navigate seamlessly through the property’s interior and exterior, uncovering its hidden gems and boundless possibilities.

Virtual Tour

Embark on a virtual expedition through 17404 Deer Creek Drive, where every nook and cranny unveils a story. Our immersive virtual tour guides you through each room, capturing the essence of the property’s spacious layout and elegant design.

With its serene surroundings, 17404 Deer Creek Drive is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Its proximity to the renowned Arkansas whitetail deer season makes it a prime location for hunting. The area is known for its abundant whitetail deer population, attracting hunters from across the country.

As the season approaches, 17404 Deer Creek Drive transforms into a hub of activity, as hunters gather to pursue their passion in this picturesque setting.

  • Explore the grand foyer, where natural light cascades through soaring windows.
  • Step into the gourmet kitchen, where state-of-the-art appliances and a sprawling island await your culinary creations.
  • Retreat to the opulent master suite, featuring a private balcony and a luxurious ensuite bathroom.

Exterior Highlights

Venture beyond the threshold of 17404 Deer Creek Drive and discover its breathtaking exterior. Nestled amidst lush landscaping, the property exudes a serene and inviting ambiance.

  • Admire the sprawling backyard, perfect for hosting grand gatherings or simply relaxing in the tranquility of nature.
  • Take a leisurely stroll along the meandering pathways, surrounded by vibrant flora and manicured lawns.
  • Enjoy the privacy and seclusion offered by the mature trees that envelop the property.

Final Thoughts

As we conclude our exploration of 17404 Deer Creek Drive, it’s evident that this remarkable property embodies the essence of modern living. Its exceptional design, prime location, and investment potential make it an irresistible choice for discerning homeowners and savvy investors alike.

Whether you seek a dream home or a lucrative investment opportunity, 17404 Deer Creek Drive stands as a beacon of excellence, ready to fulfill your aspirations.

Helpful Answers

What is the square footage of 17404 Deer Creek Drive?

17404 Deer Creek Drive boasts an impressive 3,500 square feet of living space, providing ample room for comfortable living and entertaining.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms are there?

This stunning property features 4 generously sized bedrooms and 3.5 elegant bathrooms, ensuring privacy and convenience for every resident.

What amenities are included in the property?

17404 Deer Creek Drive offers an array of desirable amenities, including a gourmet kitchen, a sparkling pool, a home theater, and a spacious backyard, catering to every lifestyle.

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