22-250 Remington: A Versatile Cartridge for Deer Hunting

22-250 good for deer – The 22-250 Remington cartridge has earned a reputation as a reliable and effective choice for deer hunting, offering a combination of accuracy, power, and versatility that makes it a favorite among hunters.

Its origins can be traced back to the early 20th century, and it has since become a popular choice for varmint hunting and target shooting as well.

Characteristics of 22-250 Remington Cartridge

Introduced in 1965, the 22-250 Remington cartridge was developed as a versatile varmint and target cartridge. It is based on the .220 Swift cartridge case, necked down to accept .224 caliber bullets.

Case Design

The 22-250 Remington cartridge has a semi-rimmed, bottlenecked case with a 30-degree shoulder. It has a case length of 1.900 inches and a rim diameter of .473 inches.

Bullet Weight and Velocity

The 22-250 Remington cartridge can accommodate bullets ranging in weight from 40 to 60 grains. The most common bullet weights are 50 and 55 grains. With a 50-grain bullet, the 22-250 Remington cartridge has a muzzle velocity of approximately 3,800 feet per second.

With a 55-grain bullet, the muzzle velocity is approximately 3,600 feet per second.

Overall Performance

The 22-250 Remington cartridge is known for its accuracy and long-range performance. It is capable of producing sub-minute of angle (MOA) accuracy at ranges of up to 600 yards. The cartridge is also effective for hunting varmints and small game at ranges of up to 300 yards.

Hunting Applications for 22-250 Remington


The 22-250 Remington cartridge is highly effective for hunting various game species, including deer. Its accuracy and long-range capabilities make it a suitable choice for both short and long-range shots.

Deer Hunting

The 22-250 Remington is an excellent choice for deer hunting. Its high velocity and flat trajectory provide excellent accuracy at long distances, making it suitable for taking down deer at ranges of up to 300 yards. The cartridge’s small caliber and light recoil also make it easy to shoot accurately, even for novice hunters.

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Ballistic Performance of 22-250 Remington

22-250 good for deer

The 22-250 Remington is known for its excellent ballistic performance, making it a popular choice for long-range hunting and target shooting. It offers a flat trajectory, low wind drift, and high energy retention, allowing for precise and effective shots at extended distances.

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Ballistic Comparison

To compare the ballistic performance of the 22-250 Remington, we’ve created a table that includes data on bullet drop, wind drift, and energy retention at different distances. We’ve also included similar cartridges for comparison.

Cartridge Bullet Weight (grains) Muzzle Velocity (fps) Bullet Drop (inches) at 300 yards Wind Drift (inches) at 300 yards (10 mph wind) Energy Retention (ft-lbs) at 300 yards
22-250 Remington 55 3,240 7.3 10.3 986
.223 Remington 55 3,200 9.4 13.3 850
.243 Winchester 95 2,900 8.2 11.6 1,100
6mm Creedmoor 105 2,900 8.9 12.5 1,200

As you can see from the table, the 22-250 Remington has a flatter trajectory and lower wind drift than the .223 Remington, making it more suitable for long-range shots. It also has higher energy retention than the .223 Remington, providing more knockdown power at longer distances.

Compared to the .243 Winchester and 6mm Creedmoor, the 22-250 Remington has a slightly flatter trajectory and higher energy retention at shorter distances, but it falls behind at longer distances due to its lighter bullet weight.

Trajectory and Hunting Applications, 22-250 good for deer

The 22-250 Remington’s flat trajectory makes it ideal for hunting in open areas where long-range shots are common. Its low wind drift also helps to ensure accuracy in windy conditions. The cartridge is particularly effective for hunting varmints and small to medium-sized game, such as coyotes, prairie dogs, and deer.

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Its high velocity and energy retention also make it suitable for hunting larger game, such as elk and moose, at moderate ranges.

Firearm Compatibility with 22-250 Remington: 22-250 Good For Deer

The 22-250 Remington cartridge is a popular choice for varmint hunting and long-range target shooting. It is chambered in a variety of firearms, including rifles and handguns.

Rifles chambered in 22-250 Remington are typically bolt-action or semi-automatic. Bolt-action rifles are known for their accuracy and reliability, while semi-automatic rifles offer faster follow-up shots.


  • Remington Model 700
  • Savage Model 110
  • Ruger M77
  • Tikka T3
  • Howa 1500

Handguns chambered in 22-250 Remington are less common than rifles. However, there are a few models available, such as the Ruger Blackhawk and the Thompson/Center Contender.


  • Ruger Blackhawk
  • Thompson/Center Contender

Firearms chambered in 22-250 Remington typically have a barrel length of 22 to 26 inches. The twist rate of the barrel is also important, as it affects the accuracy of the rifle. A twist rate of 1:12 inches is common for 22-250 Remington rifles.

Reloading Options for 22-250 Remington

22-250 good for deer

Reloading your own ammunition offers several advantages for the 22-250 Remington cartridge. It allows you to customize the performance of your ammunition to match your specific firearm and hunting needs. Reloading can also save you money in the long run, especially if you shoot frequently.To

get started with reloading, you will need a few essential components and equipment. These include:* Reloading press

If you’re a deer hunter, you know that finding a good spot to set up your feeder is key. One option that’s become increasingly popular in recent years is using a deer feeder with remote control . These feeders allow you to fill them up from a distance, which can be a major convenience, especially if you’re hunting in an area with a lot of deer.

Plus, they can help you attract more deer to your property by providing them with a consistent source of food. The 22-250 is a great caliber for deer hunting, and it’s a good choice for use with a deer feeder with remote control.

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  • Dies
  • Shell holders
  • Priming tool
  • Powder measure
  • Scale
  • Reloading manuals

Once you have your equipment, you can begin the reloading process. The first step is to resize the brass. This is done by running the brass through a sizing die, which will remove any dents or bulges and resize the case to the correct dimensions.Next,

you will need to prime the brass. This is done by inserting a primer into the primer pocket of the case. The primer is what ignites the powder when the trigger is pulled.Once the brass is primed, you will need to add powder.

The amount of powder you use will depend on the bullet weight and the desired velocity. It is important to consult a reloading manual to determine the correct powder charge for your specific load.After the powder has been added, you will need to seat the bullet.

This is done by running the bullet through a seating die, which will press the bullet into the case to the correct depth.Once the bullet is seated, your ammunition is complete. You can now load it into your firearm and go hunting.Here

are a few tips for optimizing the performance of your reloaded ammunition:* Use high-quality components. The quality of your components will have a significant impact on the performance of your ammunition.

  • Be consistent with your reloading process. The more consistent you are, the more accurate your ammunition will be.
  • Test your ammunition before you hunt with it. This will help you to ensure that your ammunition is performing as expected.

Final Wrap-Up

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In summary, the 22-250 Remington cartridge is a versatile and effective option for deer hunting, providing a combination of accuracy, power, and affordability that makes it a popular choice among hunters.

FAQ Overview

What are the advantages of using the 22-250 Remington cartridge for deer hunting?

The 22-250 Remington cartridge offers several advantages for deer hunting, including its accuracy, power, and versatility. It is also relatively affordable compared to other deer hunting cartridges.

What types of deer can be hunted with the 22-250 Remington cartridge?

The 22-250 Remington cartridge is suitable for hunting a variety of deer species, including whitetail deer, mule deer, and blacktail deer.

What are the best bullet weights for deer hunting with the 22-250 Remington cartridge?

For deer hunting with the 22-250 Remington cartridge, bullet weights ranging from 50 to 60 grains are generally recommended.

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