Best 350 Legend Bullet for Deer: Ultimate Guide to Ethical Harvests

Best 350 legend bullet for deer – When it comes to deer hunting, choosing the right bullet is crucial for a successful and ethical harvest. Enter the 350 Legend, a versatile cartridge that demands the perfect bullet to maximize its potential. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best 350 Legend bullets for deer, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions that lead to clean kills and unforgettable hunting experiences.

From bullet weight and velocity to design and performance, we’ll delve into the intricacies of 350 Legend bullets. We’ll also provide real-world examples and hunting applications to help you select the ideal bullet for your specific needs. So, grab your coffee, settle in, and let’s embark on this journey to find the best 350 Legend bullet for deer.


Deer hunting demands precision and effectiveness, making bullet selection paramount. Choosing the right bullet is crucial to ensure ethical kills, minimize game loss, and maximize hunting success.Several factors influence bullet selection, including caliber, weight, and construction. Understanding these elements helps hunters make informed decisions that align with their hunting style and the specific deer species they target.


Caliber refers to the diameter of the bullet and is expressed in inches or millimeters. Larger calibers generally have more stopping power and deliver greater energy on impact. However, they also produce more recoil and may be less accurate at longer ranges.

When you’re looking for the best 350 Legend bullet for deer, you want something that’s going to deliver the best accuracy and knockdown power. That’s why many hunters turn to the Nosler 150-grain AccuBond. This bullet features a polymer tip that helps it retain its shape and weight during penetration, resulting in devastating energy transfer on target.

If you’re looking to upgrade your deer hunting arsenal, check out the big deer antlers for sale . You won’t be disappointed with the results. But don’t forget to come back to the Nosler 150-grain AccuBond for your next deer hunting trip.

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Smaller calibers offer less recoil and better accuracy but may not have sufficient power for larger deer species.


Bullet weight is measured in grains and indicates the mass of the projectile. Heavier bullets retain more energy at longer ranges and penetrate deeper into the target. They are suitable for larger deer species or hunting in thick cover. Lighter bullets travel faster and produce less recoil, making them ideal for smaller deer species or open areas.


Bullet construction refers to the materials and design used in its fabrication. Different constructions impact the bullet’s performance and suitability for specific hunting scenarios. Common bullet constructions include:

  • Lead-core bullets:Inexpensive and effective for close-range hunting, but can fragment on impact, causing less penetration.
  • Bonded-core bullets:Feature a lead core bonded to a copper jacket, offering good penetration and weight retention.
  • Monolithic bullets:Made entirely of copper or other alloys, they offer excellent penetration and weight retention, but can be more expensive.
  • Expanding bullets:Designed to expand on impact, creating a larger wound channel and increasing tissue damage.

Choosing the right bullet for deer hunting requires careful consideration of these factors. Hunters should research and consult with experienced hunters or firearms experts to determine the optimal bullet for their specific needs.

Best 350 Legend Bullets for Deer

Best 350 legend bullet for deer

Best 350 Legend Bullets for Deer

To help you choose the best 350 Legend bullet for deer hunting, we’ve compiled a table comparing the top options. The table includes columns for bullet weight, velocity, energy, and price.

Bullet Weight (grains) Velocity (fps) Energy (ft-lbs) Price (per box of 20)
150 2,400 1,500 $20
165 2,350 1,600 $22
180 2,300 1,700 $24
200 2,250 1,800 $26
220 2,200 1,900 $28

Bullet Design

Blackout cartridge

The design of a bullet plays a crucial role in its performance when it comes to hunting deer. There are several different types of bullet designs available for 350 Legend bullets, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

The most common type of bullet design is the round nose (RN) bullet. RN bullets have a rounded tip that creates a larger wound channel than other designs. This makes them a good choice for hunting deer at close range, where penetration is not as critical.

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The 350 Legend bullet is an excellent choice for deer hunting, providing accuracy and stopping power. If you’re planning a deer hunting trip in Colorado, be sure to research the best deer hunting units for the species you’re targeting. By choosing the right unit, you’ll increase your chances of a successful hunt.

Once you’ve selected your unit, the 350 Legend bullet will help you make the most of your hunting experience.

Spitzer Bullets, Best 350 legend bullet for deer

Spitzer bullets have a pointed tip that helps them to penetrate more deeply than RN bullets. This makes them a good choice for hunting deer at long range, where penetration is more important. However, spitzer bullets can be more difficult to shoot accurately than RN bullets.

Boat-Tail Bullets

Boat-tail bullets have a tapered base that helps to reduce drag and improve accuracy. This makes them a good choice for hunting deer at long range, where accuracy is important. However, boat-tail bullets can be more expensive than other designs.

Bullet Performance

The 350 Legend cartridge offers excellent performance when it comes to deer hunting. Different bullets excel in various aspects, and choosing the right one depends on the specific hunting conditions and preferences.

Accuracy is crucial for ethical and successful deer hunting. Many 350 Legend bullets are highly accurate, with some capable of sub-MOA (minute of angle) accuracy. This precision allows hunters to make precise shots even at longer distances.


Penetration is another important factor, especially when hunting larger deer species or in scenarios where heavy cover is present. 350 Legend bullets generally offer good penetration, with some designed specifically for deep penetration. These bullets are ideal for hunting big game or in situations where the bullet may encounter bone or heavy muscle tissue.


Expansion is a desirable characteristic in deer hunting bullets. It creates a larger wound channel, resulting in quicker incapacitation and reduced tracking time. Many 350 Legend bullets are designed to expand reliably, even at lower velocities. This makes them effective for both close-range and longer-range shots.

Real-World Examples

Numerous successful deer hunts have been documented using 350 Legend bullets. Hunters have reported excellent accuracy, penetration, and expansion, resulting in clean kills and quick recovery times. The cartridge has proven effective on deer of various sizes, from whitetail to mule deer.

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Hunting Applications

350 legend winchester recoil straight deadly walls low cartridge alloutdoor ammo chastain russ

The 350 Legend cartridge is an ideal choice for hunting deer in a variety of scenarios. Its short barrel length and low recoil make it a great option for hunting in thick brush or dense forests, where maneuverability is important.

The 350 Legend is also well-suited for hunting in areas with limited visibility, as its low trajectory and high energy retention make it effective at close to medium ranges.

The 350 Legend is capable of effectively taking down a wide range of deer species, including whitetail deer, mule deer, and blacktail deer. Its high energy and deep penetration make it a good choice for hunting larger deer, such as elk and moose, at close ranges.


Best 350 legend bullet for deer

To conclude, choosing the best 350 Legend bullet for deer hunting depends on the specific hunting situation and preferences. Hunters who prioritize accuracy and long-range performance may prefer bullets with high ballistic coefficients, such as the Hornady 150-grain ELD-X or the Barnes 120-grain TTSX.

For those seeking maximum expansion and energy transfer at closer ranges, the Federal Fusion 150-grain Trophy Copper or the Winchester 145-grain Deer Season XP are excellent options. Ultimately, the best bullet for a particular hunter will be the one that provides consistent performance and meets their individual requirements.

Final Wrap-Up: Best 350 Legend Bullet For Deer

In the realm of deer hunting, the 350 Legend cartridge shines as a testament to the power of precision. By understanding the intricacies of bullet design, performance, and hunting applications, you can confidently choose the best 350 Legend bullet for deer.

Remember, ethical harvests begin with the right ammunition, and this guide has equipped you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. As you venture into the field, may your shots be true, your harvests clean, and your hunting memories etched in the annals of success.

Commonly Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when choosing a 350 Legend bullet for deer?

Bullet weight, velocity, construction, and design are key factors to consider when selecting a 350 Legend bullet for deer.

What are the advantages of using a 350 Legend cartridge for deer hunting?

The 350 Legend offers reduced recoil, making it suitable for a wider range of shooters, and its straight-walled case design allows for reliable feeding in semi-automatic rifles.

How do I determine the best bullet design for my 350 Legend rifle?

Consider your hunting style, target distance, and desired performance when choosing a bullet design. Soft-point bullets offer good expansion and penetration, while bonded bullets provide exceptional weight retention and deep penetration.

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