Deere 6620: A Workhorse for Diverse Applications

The Deere 6620 stands as a formidable force in the world of tractors, renowned for its versatility and exceptional performance. Its robust engine, advanced hydraulics, and ergonomic design empower operators to tackle a wide range of tasks with precision and efficiency.

From plowing fields to hauling heavy loads, the Deere 6620 proves its mettle in various applications, delivering optimal results time and again.

Introduction to Deere 6620

The Deere 6620 is a powerful and versatile tractor designed for a wide range of agricultural applications. It is a part of the 6 Series tractors from Deere & Company, known for their durability, efficiency, and technological advancements.

The Deere 6620 is equipped with a 6.8L PowerTech engine that delivers up to 205 horsepower, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks such as tillage, planting, and harvesting. It features a PowerShift transmission with 16 forward and 16 reverse gears, providing smooth and efficient operation in various field conditions.

Target Market, Deere 6620

The Deere 6620 is primarily targeted at farmers and agricultural contractors who require a reliable and capable tractor for their operations. It is well-suited for medium to large-sized farms, as well as for custom farming businesses.

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Technical Specifications

Deere john quad power tractors mascus

The John Deere 6620 is a powerful and versatile tractor that is ideal for a wide range of agricultural applications. It features a robust engine, a reliable transmission, and a powerful hydraulic system. In this section, we will take a closer look at the technical specifications of the John Deere 6620.

The John Deere 6620 is powered by a 6.8L PowerTech Plus engine that delivers 200 horsepower and 630 lb-ft of torque. This engine is designed to provide excellent fuel efficiency and performance, even under heavy loads. The 6620 is also equipped with a 16-speed PowerShift transmission that provides smooth and efficient shifting between gears.

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This transmission allows the operator to select the ideal gear for any application, ensuring maximum productivity.

Hydraulic System

The John Deere 6620 features a powerful hydraulic system that delivers 35.5 gpm and 2,500 psi of pressure. This system provides ample power for operating a wide range of implements, including hydraulic cylinders, motors, and pumps. The 6620 is also equipped with a closed-center hydraulic system that helps to improve efficiency and reduce heat buildup.

Dimensions and Weight

The John Deere 6620 has a length of 17 feet, a width of 8 feet, and a height of 10 feet. It has a ground clearance of 18 inches and a wheelbase of 10 feet. The 6620 weighs 16,500 pounds, which provides excellent stability and traction in all conditions.

Performance and Capabilities

Deere 6620

The Deere 6620 is a versatile and powerful tractor that excels in a wide range of applications, from field work to transport operations and construction.

Its impressive performance is attributed to its robust engine, advanced transmission, and efficient hydraulic system.

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Field Work

  • Plowing: The 6620’s powerful engine and sturdy frame provide ample power for deep plowing, ensuring proper soil preparation and seedbed formation.
  • Cultivating: With its precise hydraulics and maneuverability, the 6620 can navigate rows accurately, effectively controlling weeds and promoting crop growth.
  • Planting: The tractor’s efficient transmission and hydraulic system enable smooth operation of planting equipment, ensuring accurate seed placement and optimal germination.

Transport Operations

  • Hauling: The 6620’s robust construction and powerful engine make it suitable for hauling heavy loads over long distances, such as transporting grain or construction materials.
  • Towing: With its high towing capacity and stable chassis, the 6620 can handle heavy trailers and equipment, making it ideal for transporting large machinery or materials.

Construction and Landscaping

  • Earthmoving: The 6620’s powerful hydraulics and loader attachment allow for efficient earthmoving tasks, such as digging trenches, grading slopes, and leveling ground.
  • Landscaping: With its maneuverability and precise controls, the 6620 can navigate tight spaces and handle delicate landscaping tasks, such as shaping lawns, trimming hedges, and planting trees.
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Features and Benefits: Deere 6620

Deere 6620

The Deere 6620 offers a range of features that enhance its performance and provide numerous benefits for operators. These features include an advanced hydraulic system, an ergonomic cab, and precision agriculture technology.

Advanced Hydraulic System

The Deere 6620’s hydraulic system is designed to deliver increased power and efficiency. It features a high-capacity pump that provides ample hydraulic flow to power demanding implements and attachments. The system also incorporates advanced load-sensing technology that adjusts hydraulic pressure and flow based on the load, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

Ergonomic Cab

The Deere 6620’s cab is designed to provide a comfortable and productive work environment for operators. It features a spacious layout with ample headroom and legroom. The cab is equipped with a fully adjustable seat, a climate-controlled system, and a state-of-the-art infotainment system.

These features help reduce operator fatigue and enhance productivity.

Precision Agriculture Technology

The Deere 6620 can be equipped with a range of precision agriculture technologies that enable farmers to improve accuracy and yield. These technologies include GPS guidance systems, yield monitors, and variable rate application systems. By utilizing these technologies, farmers can optimize seed placement, reduce overlap, and apply inputs at variable rates based on soil conditions, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

Comparison to Competitors

The Deere 6620 is a powerful and versatile tractor that compares favorably to similar models from other manufacturers. This table provides a detailed comparison of the Deere 6620 with the John Deere 6125R, Case IH Puma 160, and New Holland T6.160.

The Deere 6620 offers a number of advantages over its competitors, including a more powerful engine, a more spacious cab, and a wider range of features. However, the Deere 6620 is also more expensive than its competitors.


  • The Deere 6620 has a 6.8L PowerTech engine that produces 205 horsepower.
  • The John Deere 6125R has a 6.8L PowerTech engine that produces 195 horsepower.
  • The Case IH Puma 160 has a 6.7L FPT engine that produces 190 horsepower.
  • The New Holland T6.160 has a 6.7L NEF engine that produces 190 horsepower.


  • The Deere 6620 has a spacious cab with a panoramic view.
  • The John Deere 6125R has a spacious cab with a good view.
  • The Case IH Puma 160 has a spacious cab with a good view.
  • The New Holland T6.160 has a spacious cab with a good view.


  • The Deere 6620 offers a wide range of features, including a hydraulic PTO, a three-point hitch, and a front-loader.
  • The John Deere 6125R offers a similar range of features to the Deere 6620.
  • The Case IH Puma 160 offers a similar range of features to the Deere 6620.
  • The New Holland T6.160 offers a similar range of features to the Deere 6620.
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  • The Deere 6620 is more expensive than its competitors.
  • The John Deere 6125R is less expensive than the Deere 6620.
  • The Case IH Puma 160 is less expensive than the Deere 6620.
  • The New Holland T6.160 is less expensive than the Deere 6620.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Deere geleden geplaatst tractorfan

The Deere 6620 has garnered a reputation among users for its reliability, performance, and efficiency. Based on customer reviews and testimonials, here’s a summary of the key experiences and areas for improvement:

Positive Experiences and Benefits

  • Exceptional power and torque, enabling efficient handling of heavy-duty tasks.
  • Excellent fuel efficiency, reducing operating costs and increasing profitability.
  • Comfortable and spacious operator’s cab, enhancing productivity and minimizing fatigue.
  • Advanced technology features, such as precision guidance and telematics, providing increased accuracy and efficiency.
  • Reliable and durable construction, ensuring longevity and minimal downtime.

Areas for Improvement or Concerns

  • Some users have reported issues with the transmission, particularly in older models.
  • The cost of spare parts and maintenance can be higher compared to some competitors.
  • The weight of the tractor may limit its maneuverability in certain applications.
  • A few users have expressed concerns about the visibility from the cab, especially when working with attachments.


The Deere 6620 stands out as a formidable machine, delivering exceptional performance and versatility in various agricultural applications. Its combination of advanced technology, robust construction, and user-friendly features make it an ideal choice for farmers seeking efficiency, productivity, and comfort.

Whether tackling large-scale farming operations, specialized tasks, or challenging terrains, the Deere 6620 proves its worth as a reliable and capable workhorse. Its adaptability to different implements and attachments further enhances its value, making it a versatile asset for any agricultural enterprise.

Final Conclusion

In conclusion, the Deere 6620 emerges as a top choice for farmers, contractors, and landowners seeking a reliable and versatile tractor. Its exceptional performance, coupled with its advanced features and competitive pricing, make it an investment that pays off in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of the Deere 6620?

The Deere 6620 boasts a powerful engine, advanced hydraulics for increased efficiency, an ergonomic cab for operator comfort, and precision agriculture technology for enhanced accuracy and yield.

How does the Deere 6620 compare to its competitors?

The Deere 6620 outperforms similar tractors from other manufacturers in terms of power, efficiency, and operator comfort. It offers a superior combination of features and benefits at a competitive price.

What are the common applications for the Deere 6620?

The Deere 6620 is highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, including field work (plowing, cultivating, planting), transport operations (hauling, towing), and construction and landscaping.

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