Explore the Deere 85D Specs: A Comprehensive Guide

Get ready to dive into the world of agricultural machinery with our in-depth exploration of the Deere 85D specs. From its powerful engine to its versatile features, we’ll uncover everything you need to know about this exceptional tractor.

The Deere 85D is a true workhorse, designed to handle a wide range of tasks with ease. Its robust engine delivers ample power, while its advanced transmission and driveline ensure smooth and efficient operation.

Engine Specifications

Deere 85d specs

The John Deere 85D is equipped with a powerful engine that delivers impressive performance and efficiency. Let’s delve into the engine’s specifications to understand its capabilities.

The heart of the 85D is a 4-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine with a displacement of 4.5 liters. This engine generates a maximum horsepower of 85 hp at 2,200 rpm and a peak torque of 265 lb-ft at 1,400 rpm. These impressive power figures enable the 85D to handle demanding tasks with ease.

Bore and Stroke

The engine’s bore and stroke dimensions play a crucial role in determining its performance characteristics. The bore refers to the diameter of the cylinder, while the stroke is the distance the piston travels from top to bottom. In the 85D’s engine, the bore measures 4.1 inches, and the stroke is 4.7 inches.

These dimensions contribute to the engine’s efficient combustion and power output.

Compression Ratio

The compression ratio is an important factor that affects the engine’s efficiency and power output. It represents the ratio of the volume of the cylinder when the piston is at the bottom of its stroke to the volume when the piston is at the top of its stroke.

The 85D’s engine features a compression ratio of 17.5:1, indicating its ability to compress the air-fuel mixture effectively, resulting in increased efficiency and power.

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If you’re a Deere 85D enthusiast, you’ll appreciate its impressive specs. With a horsepower of 95, it packs quite a punch. Speaking of teeth, if you’re in Red Deer and need a dental checkup, consider checking out dental fillings red deer . They offer top-notch services.

Getting back to the Deere 85D, its spacious cab and user-friendly controls make it a joy to operate.

Fuel System

The 85D’s fuel system is designed to deliver precise fuel injection and optimal combustion. It utilizes a common rail fuel injection system that provides high-pressure fuel directly to the engine’s cylinders. This advanced fuel system ensures efficient fuel utilization, reduced emissions, and improved engine responsiveness.

Transmission and Driveline: Deere 85d Specs

The Deere 85D is equipped with a PowerShift transmission, providing smooth and efficient gear changes under load. It features 16 forward and 16 reverse gears, allowing operators to select the optimal gear ratio for various operating conditions.

Driveline Components

The driveline of the Deere 85D consists of a heavy-duty driveshaft, a robust differential, and sturdy axles. The driveshaft transmits power from the transmission to the differential, which distributes it evenly to the front and rear axles. The axles then transfer power to the wheels, providing traction and mobility to the tractor.

Hydraulic System

Deere 85d specs

The Deere 85D boasts a robust hydraulic system designed to power a wide range of implements and attachments with precision and efficiency.

At the heart of the system is a high-capacity hydraulic pump that delivers an impressive flow rate, enabling the tractor to handle demanding hydraulic applications effortlessly.

Hydraulic Pump and Valves

The Deere 85D employs a tandem hydraulic pump system, featuring a dedicated pump for the power steering and a separate pump for implement operation. This arrangement ensures consistent hydraulic power, even when operating multiple implements simultaneously.

The system utilizes high-quality hydraulic valves that provide precise control over hydraulic flow and pressure. These valves allow operators to fine-tune implement performance, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Remote Control and Implement Operation

The Deere 85D’s hydraulic system offers exceptional versatility, enabling remote control of implements and attachments.

The tractor’s rear-mounted remote hydraulic outlets allow for the connection of external hydraulic devices, such as loaders, backhoes, and mowers. These outlets provide operators with the convenience of controlling implements remotely, enhancing safety and efficiency.

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Dimensions and Weight

The Deere 85D boasts impressive dimensions and a well-balanced weight distribution, making it a versatile performer in various agricultural applications.

The tractor measures an overall length of 14 feet 10 inches, a width of 7 feet 11 inches, and a height of 9 feet 11 inches. These dimensions provide ample space for the operator while ensuring maneuverability in tight spaces.

Wheelbase and Ground Clearance, Deere 85d specs

The Deere 85D has a wheelbase of 8 feet 11 inches, contributing to its stability and handling. The tractor’s ground clearance of 18.5 inches allows it to navigate uneven terrain and obstacles with ease.

Weight and Weight Distribution

The Deere 85D weighs approximately 8,800 pounds, with a balanced weight distribution of 50% on the front axle and 50% on the rear axle. This distribution ensures optimal traction and control in all working conditions.

Features and Attachments

85d excavator

The Deere 85D comes with an array of features and attachments designed to enhance its versatility and productivity. These include standard features that provide the foundation for efficient operation and optional features that cater to specific needs and applications.

Standard features include a powerful engine, a robust transmission, a hydraulic system that delivers precise control, and a spacious cab designed for operator comfort and visibility. The Deere 85D also boasts a wide range of optional features and attachments, such as a front-loader, backhoe, and various implements, which extend its capabilities and enable it to tackle a diverse range of tasks.

Optional Features and Attachments

The Deere 85D offers a wide range of optional features and attachments that allow users to customize the tractor to meet their specific needs and applications. These include:

  • Front-loader:A front-loader attachment greatly expands the tractor’s capabilities, allowing it to lift and move heavy materials with ease. This attachment is ideal for tasks such as loading and unloading pallets, moving dirt and debris, and performing construction tasks.
  • Backhoe:A backhoe attachment transforms the Deere 85D into a versatile excavation machine. It enables the tractor to dig trenches, foundations, and other excavations with precision and efficiency. This attachment is perfect for landscaping, construction, and utility work.
  • Implements:The Deere 85D is compatible with a wide range of implements, including mowers, tillers, and snow blowers. These attachments allow the tractor to perform a variety of tasks, from maintaining lawns and gardens to clearing snow and ice.
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By incorporating these optional features and attachments, the Deere 85D becomes a highly versatile and capable machine that can handle a wide range of tasks, making it an invaluable asset for farmers, contractors, and homeowners alike.

The Deere 85D is a compact tractor that offers a lot of power and versatility. It’s perfect for a variety of tasks, from mowing lawns to plowing snow. If you’re looking for a reliable tractor that will get the job done, the Deere 85D is a great option.

For those interested in deer hunting, check out the arkansas deer rut map to plan your next hunting trip. The Deere 85D is also a great choice for farmers and ranchers, as it can handle a variety of tasks, from hauling hay to pulling trailers.

Performance and Capabilities

Deere john 85d 2008 machinefinder

The Deere 85D boasts impressive drawbar pull and lifting capacity, making it an effective choice for various farming tasks. Its tight turning radius and maneuverability enhance its agility in confined spaces.

Drawbar Pull and Lifting Capacity

With a drawbar pull of approximately 10,000 pounds, the Deere 85D can handle heavy loads with ease. Its rear three-point hitch provides a maximum lift capacity of 5,400 pounds, enabling it to lift and transport implements efficiently.

Turning Radius and Maneuverability

The Deere 85D’s compact design and short wheelbase contribute to its excellent turning radius. It can make tight turns in narrow spaces, making it suitable for maneuvering in orchards, greenhouses, and other confined areas.

Suitable Tasks

The Deere 85D is well-suited for a wide range of farming tasks, including:

  • Cultivating and harrowing
  • Planting and harvesting
  • Mowing and baling
  • Hauling and transport
  • Loader work

Last Word

In conclusion, the Deere 85D is a highly capable and versatile tractor that combines power, efficiency, and versatility. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting out, the 85D is an excellent choice for a wide range of agricultural applications.

Question Bank

What is the horsepower of the Deere 85D?

The Deere 85D is powered by a 4-cylinder engine that produces 85 horsepower.

What type of transmission does the Deere 85D have?

The Deere 85D comes equipped with a 12-speed PowerShift transmission.

What is the lifting capacity of the Deere 85D?

The Deere 85D has a rear lift capacity of 6,500 pounds.

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